Leura in the Blue Mountains is the Perfect Spot for a Weekend Getaway

By | June 2, 2018

99km from Sydney is the popular town of Leura in the Blue Mountains is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. If you’re trying to find a lovely town surrounded by even lovelier scenery, then Leura is where you want to go. The beauty of the town has led to it occasionally being referred to as ‘the Garden Village’ or the ‘Jewel in the Mountains Crown’-the last being a reference to its position within the equally popular Blue Mountains.

When people speak about the beauty of Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW, they mean what they say literally. The city is adorned with numerous beautiful gardens as well as teeming foliage along its walkway. During the year, the beauty of Leura never ceases. Instead, it alternates gradually with each season redefining itself in yet another picturesque vista.

Leura, Blue Mountains is the Perfect Spot for a Weekend Getaway

During their tour, few people will fail to appreciate the offering of the many gardens that are found in the city. There is, for example, the Everglade garden. Constructed almost a century ago, the Everglades garden can be a great spot for families who want to go picnicking or people who just would like to take advantage of the calming serenity of a walk that it offers. Designed by the famed landscaper, Paul Sorensen, the Everglades Garden is made of a near ideal collection and arrangement of trees, shrubs and sandstone terraces.

If you’re visiting Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW, you should certainly consider stopping by one of the many waterfalls that are located around the town. You’ll discover the similarly named Leura falls as well as the Bridal Veil Falls. If you’re willing enough to advance further up north, you’ll be able to catch even more beautiful views and sights by visiting the Mount Hay area.

However, there is more behind the attraction of Leura, Blue Mountains, NSW than just the beauty of its many gardens. Leura is also home to a rich social and art culture. For example, the town is home to a few of the finest model railway collections in the world. Leura’s Toy museum, Leuralla is also home to the largest collection of toys in the country. You’ll find a broad variety of toys ranging from teddies to dolls.

Leura, Blue Mountains is the Perfect Spot for a Weekend GetawayAnd when tourists aren’t too busy touring the various sights of Leura, they can stop at any of its many restaurants for a taste of local cuisine or simply nurse a cup of coffee at a local café. The town offers endless possibilities for a few excellent pictures including awesome shots that may be taken at Sublime Point, a spot that is located 900m above sea level.

Much of the rich history of Leura Blue Mountains can be seen all around. From the construction of its buildings to the stories that are shared around. Tourists who choose to visit Leura Blue Mountains, NSW will have little trouble finding the right type of Leura accommodation. Leura, Blue Mountain might be a small town in comparison with a few of the bigger metropolises in the country. But its splendor and appeal puts it right there alongside some of the best tourist locations in the world.

Leura, Blue Mountains is the Perfect Spot for a Weekend Getaway

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Leura, Blue Mountains is the Perfect Spot for a Weekend Getaway

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