Overcliff-Undercliff walk at Wentworth Falls

By | June 3, 2019
 The walk is about 5km and will take you between 2 and 3 hours. It offers wonderful views. Pack a picnic because there are a number of great spots to enjoy it.
This walk can be started from a few spots. For this article was are starting from the Falls Carpark and not including the Conservation Hut.


Undercliff-Overcliff walk Wentworth Falls
This is not a walk for the little ones.
DIRECTIONS: Park your car at the Wentworth Falls Lookout Carpark and take the track heading away from the lookout that heads to the Conservation Hut.
After about 250m take the left track to Breakfast Point Lookout.
From Breakfast Point Lookout, take the Overcliff Track toward the actual Falls.
Lookout for Den Fenella track junction to the right. This is a short track that you’ll have to return back to the main track on. It’s well worth the walk down. Take care it can be slippery.
When you get back to the track continue on to the falls along the Undercliff track.
Along the way, there are a few tracks that will take you back to the carpark, or you can stay on track until you get falls.
As you get near the falls, you’ll see ‘Fletcher Lookout. That’s well worth checking out.
Cross the top of the falls and follow the track around a short distance so you can enjoy some of the amazing views from the track. If you have the energy, you can walk down the cliff to the mid-level of the falls, but remember, National Pass is closed so you’ll have to walk back up.
RETURN: Cross back over the top of the falls, and start the climb out. On the way enjoy Weeping Falls.
The climb out is very a very civilized track and it’ll take you up to 20 mins to get to the top, near the carpark. 🙂
Normally you could start this walk from the Conservation Hut, but NPWS track work on the Overcliff Walk between Breakfast Lookout and the Hut has closed the track.

MORE info: http://www.askroz.com.au/event_detail/index/undercliff-overcliff-walk

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