Photographer of the week – Stephen Carter

By | February 25, 2015
Ask Roz Lake Macquarie – PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE WEEK – Stephen Carter.Ask Roz Lake Macquaruie - Photographer of the week - Stephen Carter 17886_957397140944594_5251849119094147844_n 10403649_957396917611283_8183987440232246984_n 19500_957396994277942_7437432270674020013_n
From the age of 9yrs, Steve has been captivated by photography, his early interest getting serious at 17 when he took a senior high school photography course, learning the foundations of his trade such as light, composition, developing and the use of SLR Cameras.

In the years that followed, he moved into the digital age and became proficient at digital manipulation and photo restoration, recovering priceless photos for hundreds of grateful clients.

Steve is a very versatile photographer and it was a pleasure scanning his portfolio to choose the following examples of his work – I hope you enjoy them.