Lithgow Small Arms Factory Documentary

By | February 26, 2015

Brendan Wacher made this documentary as a short solo project in 2014. Not only is the factory itself an amazing piece of history, but its influence on the town of Lithgow was also very interesting. Multiple streets around the factory were named after weapons, and there had been some quite heavy anti-aircraft guns around Lithgow during WWII to protect the factory.

The museum’s website:

I was a bit worried during the making of the film as to what people would think about a film centred in some ways around weaponry. I decided to make the film as neutral as I could, simply to present the facts as they stood and let people bring their own feelings to the film. Therefore, the film can be viewed completely differently depending on what a person’s feelings on the subject are. Whatever your feelings though, I hope you find the film interesting.

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