Kings Cave Linden Blue Mountains

By | October 22, 2021

King’s Cave is a large and impressive natural sandstone rock shelter that features a pure water spring at the western end. This is a short but very rewarding walk, return the same way.

Kings Cave Linden

• Distance: 200m
• Time: 20 mins return PLUS browsing time
• Best time of the day: Any time
• Kid-safe: Yes with supervision
• Dogs on-leash: Yes
• Steps: A few
• Accessible: No
• Heights: Nothing really
• Must do rating out of 10: 9
ACCESS: Park your car in the clearing beside the historic grave and walk down the road a short distance until you see the track to the cave on the left. Take the track and walk the 100m to the cave.
BACKSTORY: It was most likely named after “His Majesty’s 4th Regiment of Foot”, known as the “King’s Own Regiment” which was stationed in the area during the 1830s.
King’s Cave is associated with the early history of the Linden locality. Inscriptions present within the cave date from the 1820s and a rough access track and walling built across the front of the cave also appear likely to be of early date. The cave was situated close to the original Coxs Road (1814) and would also have been available for use during the later eras of road building in the 1820s and 1830s.

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