Bushrangers Cave, Mount Victoria

By | June 22, 2020

This is an amazing place to visit. It is quite a scramble to climb up to and it’s not for the faint-hearted.


Bushrangers Cave, Mount Victoria
MAP: http://lnnk.in/@Bush-Rangers-Cave-Mount-Victoria
Park where you can and walk the short distance to the track. Head down the Little Zig Zag track. Continue down until you see the Bushrangers Cave sign.
The track to the cave lies some 50 metres to the left off the track at the third zigzag. This track is not well sign-posted.
Allow 30 minutes for the return walk or continue on the Little Zigzag walk.
MORE info: https://www.askroz.com.au/event_detail/index/bush-rangers-cave-mount-victoria
HISTORY: The assumption made by any casual visitor that a romantic bushranger once used the rock-shelter as a secret hidyhole is unjustified, although it was used by someone at some period in the nineteenth century as a camping place where an odd variety of possessions was left for discovery in 1897. Bushrangers Cave does not meet criterion (a) for its historical significance.
Once you’ve explored the cave, drop into Mount Victoria and check out of of their great eateries and Mount Vic and Me.
Photo by David Roma Photography
Bushrangers Cave, Mount Victoria
Bushrangers Cave, Mount Victoria
Bushranger Cave