The Lake at Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia

By | October 6, 2022

A great new book was recently released titled “The Lake at Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia“. It was written and published by Jenifer Tippins, published author and a long time resident of Wentworth Falls.

Jenifer TippinsThe book is a wonderful pictorial view of the lake and surrounds over an extended period. In addition to the wonderful collection of photos, there is some great historical information.

Did you know that in the 1990’s there was once a plan to drain the lake and make it into a housing development? This is just one of the historic gems in “The Lake at Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia“.

At this stage, Jenifer is selling the book direct for $45AU plus $5AU for postage.

If you’d like your copy of this wonderful book, contact Jenifer via email at: