The Devils Hole, Katoomba

By | August 5, 2021

The Devils Hole is a steep, narrow gap leading from the clifftop to the valley floor. Even though the distance of the walk is only 500m down allow at least 1 hour for the trip down. Overall, allow 2 hours return walk + exploring time.

This walk is not for the faint-hearted as it’s steep, slippery and exciting 👏 It’s a must-do. 👏

Not recommended after or during rain.

The Devils Hole Katoomba
• Distance: 1km return
• Time: 2 hours return
• Best time of the day: Any time
• Kid-safe: Not little ones, too steep and slippery
• Dogs on-leash: No
• Steps: Lots
• Accessible: No
• Heights: The track and steep and hairy in places.

• Must do rating out of 10: 10

You don’t need any special equipment to do the walk, just confidence, and courage 🙂

The best time to do walk is in the middle of the day in the hope that you’ll get sunlight coming in the often narrow pass. This is definitely one of the more difficult trails in the area. Not recommended after or during rain. While you can exit via the Nellies Glen track to the right at the foot of the Devil’s Hole a short trip to the left to the base of narrow Neck is worth the effort.

When you get to the bottom, turn left and go over to the small waterfall and explore the track over to the old Waterboard ladder. The old Rennies Tunnel access is also near there. The tunnel is closed and SHOULD NOT BE USED

Turn right and you can connect with the 6-foot track and Nellies Glen. Turn left to view a scenic waterfall, and can then continue on along the bottom of cliffs used by rock climbers.

Return the same way.

Prior to European settlement, the Devils Hole was used by aboriginal communities as a way to and from the valley floor. 

The Devils Hole Katoomba The Devils Hole Katoomba The Devils Hole Katoomba IMG_4854.JPG The Devils Hole Katoomba

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