Red Hands Cave walking track – Glenbrook

By | January 25, 2017

This track has most likely been used by the Darug people for thousands of years, and you too can walk in their footsteps. Red Hands Cave walking track, in the Glenbrook region of the Blue Mountains National Park, winds through remote bushland to one of the best Aboriginal stencil galleries in the Sydney Basin.

From Glenbrook Causeway, follow the medium track along Campfire Creek where you’ll see axe grinding grooves on the water’s edge. Keeping to the right at the track junction, you might see eastern water dragons sunning themselves. Climbing steadily through the gully, you’ll reach the sandstone overhang of Red Hands Cave.

Enjoy a picnic lunch while taking in the unspoilt bush, as rainbow Lorikeets and gang gangs chatter above. Retrace your steps or continue the longer loop walk. For a refreshing swim, detour via the swimming holes along Blue Pool walking track.

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Ask Roz Red Hand Cave Glenbrook
Ask Roz Red Hand Cave Glenbrook
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Ask Roz Red Hand Cave Glenbrook
Ask Roz Red Hand Cave Glenbrook

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