Orphan Rock, Katoomba

By | July 9, 2017

DO NOT attempt to climb Orphan Rock, the track is closed and EXTREMELY unsafe.

Orphan Rock is that amazing rock formation near Scenic World.

In 1878 John Britty North developed his coal mine below the cliffs at Orphan Rock and Katoomba was soon recognized as an important mining town.

Around this same time Sydney society were discovering the potential for health and recreation in the Blue Mountains.

A walking track to the top was opened in 1934. But it was part closed in the 1950s due to a fear the rock may collapse if a large group of people were to climb it. Total closure came in 1974 after a rock slide closed the access track. The path was never “part closed in the 1950’s” it was completely accessible until 1974 when the access track was washed away.

To get the best view of Orphan Rock hop on the Scenic Skyway.

Orphan Rock, Katoomba
Orphan Rock, Katoomba
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Steps up Orphan Rock
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To get the best view of Orphan Rock hop on the Scenic Skyway.

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