Kanangra Boyd

By | January 8, 2021

The Kanangra Boyd National Park is part of Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Kanangra-Boyd National Park is just 180km from Sydney. Superb scenery, abundant wildlife, cycling and walking even after the fires.

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All photos were taken post the January 2020 fires.

Kanangra-Boyd National Park offers visitors a rare insight into Australia’s unspoiled natural environment. Away from the buzz of the more commercialised tourist spots, where visitors can enjoy vehicle-based camping at the Boyd River. Experience bushwalking, swimming, fishing, spectacular lookouts with views that stretch back to Sydney in the east and Canberra in the west.

Kanangra Walls

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Camping facilities include non-flush toilets. It is essential that visitors provide their own drinking water and wood.

Kanangra Walls

While there are a number of ‘easy’ and ‘medium’ bushwalks for the beginner, for those experienced bushwalkers, there are wilderness walks that can take up to three days. Anybody attempting these walks should advise National Parks and Wildlife of their intention to do so and be completely self-reliant and skilled.

Domestic pets and firearms are not permitted.

Kanangra Walls

Kanangra Walls Kanangra Walls Kanangra Walls

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