Council releases 2022 report card

By | June 1, 2022

Blue Mountains City Council is pleased to share the results of the latest Community Satisfaction Survey.

88% of residents surveyed were at least somewhat satisfied with the performance of Council. Of these 59% were very satisfied or satisfied.

BMCC Community Satisfaction Survey

Council conducts a survey every two years, as a way to check in with our community to find out how we’re doing, and what we need to work on. The survey was conducted by Taverner Research Group, an independent social research consultancy.

Compared to survey results for other councils across NSW, Taverner said that Blue Mountains residents had significantly higher levels of general satisfaction, which has remained steady since our best every result, recorded in 2020.

Blue Mountains Council Chief Executive Officer Dr Rosemary Dillon said: “Getting this feedback every two years is paramount to our planning and day to day operations. We need and want to know the community’s views on the performance of the Council in delivering services.

“Council staff always work hard to provide the best quality service possible to our residents, even more over the last two exceptionally challenging years.

“These survey results reflect that hard work, and I’m extremely proud and excited to see that work and dedication is making a difference and being recognised by our community. While Council is excited about these results, we know that there is always room for improvement.”

This year’s results were presented to Council at the 31 May meeting. The survey was conducted over three weeks in February and March.

Results showed that the key drivers of satisfaction with Council are: consultation with the community; Council provision of information; and opportunity to participate in Council decision-making.

“It’s often easy to see Council as separate to the community, but it’s important to remember that over 85% of Council staff are also Blue Mountains residents, which means it’s their Council and their home too, and we are all committed to doing the best we can for our community,” Dr Dillon said.


  • 88% are satisfied with the performance of Council in providing services to the community.
  • 89% are satisfied with Council’s leadership and response when natural disasters impact the Blue Mountains.
  • 81% feel they belong to the community they live in.
  • 81% are satisfied with the performance of Council staff.
  • 76% are satisfied with the performance of Councillors.
  • 97% feel generally safe in their neighbourhood
  • The rating given to Council leadership and response to disasters has the greatest direct impact on overall satisfaction. This remains an issue of crucial importance from survey to survey.

Blue Mountains Mayor, Clr Mark Greenhill said: “I thank Dr Dillon and all the staff at Council for their continued hard work and dedication, and their determination during the toughest of times.”

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