The best Blue Mountains’ waterfalls to visit after rain

By | March 18, 2017

After good rainfalls over the greater Blue Mountains region, some beautiful Waterfalls spring into life. As the rain eases, the volume of water in the waterfalls around the Blue Mountains will decrease quickly. That being said, you should still get some great photo opportunities.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular ones.

There are also great waterfalls in Woodford, Hazelbrook, Lawson, Mount Victoria and Mount Wilson but all require a greater commitment to access and we’ll look at those in another article.

Use the chart, and the information below as an indicative guide only.

WARNING: Regardless of where you go, never enter fast moving water, always keep away from edges and always tell the Police your plans, if you’re heading out beyond the norm.

Ask Roz Blue Mountains Waterfalls


The Katoomba Falls are a segmented waterfall that are located close to Scenic World and Echo Point.

You can get formed path access to a viewing lookout at Reid’s Plateau and you can via the Scenic World’s Skyway. Both of these spots are not ideal for a misty/foggy day.

You can also do the walk down to the middle level of the falls where you’ll get “up close and personal”. On the way down you’ll pass Witch’s Leap, which is normally a trickle.

Access to Reid’s Plateau: Park near the Katoomba Falls Kiosk and follow the paved track to the right and through the park and follow the signs. Ask Roz link

Access to Middle Level: Park near the Katoomba Falls Kiosk. The track is very boggy in patches. This is a great location, even on a day of total whiteout.

This image below is from the Skyway

Katoomba Falls - Ask Roz

This video below is from the Middle Level

This image below is from Reid’s Plateau

Katoomba Cascades, Ask Roz


This is an easy walk from your car and is well worth it. Access is via the stairway in the park. You can continue on to Reid’s Plateau.

You can park near the park and it’s an easy walk in all weather to the Cascades. Ask Roz link

Katoomba Cascades, Ask Roz


Not technically a waterfall, but looks amazing after rain.

Access: Park at the main Leura Cascade’s car park, and follow the path to the cascades. The path can be wet and boggy in patches and may flood immediately after very heavy rain.

Leura Cascades Ask Roz
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Bridal Veil Falls can be viewed from a few locations. In this article we’ll look at just two. One from the bottom and one opposite.

Opposite view: On Cliff Drive was you drove down from the Leura Mall after a couple of turns you’ll see a sign “Bridal Veil Falls Lookout” (see map below).  Park opposite and take the track for about 10 mins. It’ll bring to you a viewing platform looking over the falls.

You can walk there from Leura Cascades Carpark.  Allow 1 hour for the return walk.

This is only good if there is no fog. The photo below was taken by Ian d Smith.

Bridal Veil Falls - Ask Roz

Map below to Bridal Veil Falls Lookout

Brodal Veil Falls Lookout Ask Roz

From the base: These are the falls at the end of Leura Cascades. Walk to the end of the Cascades and take the track down into the valley for about 15min. This involves ladders and muddy water logged tracks. Return the same way or continue on through the Leura Forest and Scenic World (allow 4 hours one way).

Bridal Veil Falls Ask Roz

Access: Park at the main Leura Cascade’s car park and follow the path to the cascades. The path can be wet and boggy in patches and may flood immediately after very rain.


Weeping Rock Falls is a small but wonderful lookout that’s well worth the extra walk.

Weeping Rock Lookout Ask Roz

Access: Park at the main Leura Cascade’s carpark and follow the path to the cascades. The path can be wet and boggy in patches and may flood immediately after very heavy rain.

Walk on past the base of Bridal Veil Falls for about 100m to Weeping Rock Falls.


Wentworth Falls are impressive all year round, and spectacular after heavy rain.

While you can walk down to the top of the falls and across and follow the National Pass walk. Access across the falls can be blocked after heavy rain. Another way to get a great view is from Prince’s Rock Lookout. Ask Roz link.

Prince’s Rock Lookout:- Park in the main falls car park and take the path down to the lookout. It’s about a 10min walk down an often muddy path.

You can return the same way or you have the option to take the Undercliff walk around the top of the falls.

Ask Roz Wentworth Falls


Rocket Point is a small lookout on the “other side” of Wentworth Falls. Because of its location is can be cut off by high water levels.

Ask Roz Rocket Point

Access: After crossing the top of Wentworth Falls, follow the track around and look out for the sign to Rocket Point. Allow about 20min to return to the top of the falls.


When you walk down to Wentworth Falls, just before you get to the top, you’ll see a sign to Weeping Rock, just follow the signs.  You can then return and continue your walk back to the top of the falls.

Ask Roz Weeping Rock Wentworth Falls


Carry a raincoast/Rainbird/Umbrella and wear shoes that you don’t mind if they get wet. PLUS, carry some dry shoes and clothes, because if you go anywhere except Reid’s Plateau of the Skyway you will get wet.


Be sure to check out some of the other amazing things to see and do in the Greater Blue Mountains region. USE your free Ask Roz Blue Mountains app to find great things to see and do.

TIP: Check the weather around Katoomba Falls before you arrive. Click here on your computer to see Scenic World’s web camera.  It doesn’t work on tablets or phones.

TIP: If you decide to go the Scenic World, try to be there before 10am to miss the crowds. You can always come back again later in the day, just keep your ID bands on.

TIP: Tracks can quickly become flooded after heavy rain, so if you go off the paved paths, your feet are going to get muddy and wet so carry some spare cloths and shoes!

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