The Lake – Wentworth Falls Lake Pictorial

By | May 5, 2022

Wentworth Falls Lake is a wonderful resource for both locals and visitors alike.

It was originally created by the damming of Jamison Creek to supply water for the steam railway. Today, it’s a wonderful resource for locals and visitors alike.

The Lake is now home to native and introduced waterfowl, native fish such as Gudgeons, and water bugs including freshwater crayfish, freshwater shrimp and dragonfly nymphs.

It is also a popular picnic spot, with barbecue facilities and children’s play equipment.
Wentworth Falls Lake Reserve has sandstone sculptures, based on seed pods of local plants, nearby.

There is a walking track around the lake, of about 3.5 Km in length. This includes some walking along Banksia Road.

Visually the best time to visit the lake is sunrise and sunset.