Resilient Ready Hub: Blue Mountains Business Tourism Workshops

By | June 20, 2022

Join corporate2community, in collaboration with regional business network BusinessBM, at one of our upcoming workshops to explore the potential of Business Tourism, and the development of a new microlearning tool that will be free for all businesses registered or operating in the Blue Mountains.

Looking for ways to make your business more resilient? Looking for ways to extend your business beyond the Thursday-Sunday visitor peak? Join Sue Wills for a workshop exploring business tourism and what it could mean for your business.

Blue Mountains Business Tourism Workshops

Blue Mountains Business Tourism Workshops in June 2022


Workshops are open to all people in business, including Not-for-profits in the Blue Mountains.

Other locations and dates are also available: Resilient Ready Hub: Blue Mountains | corporate2community

This is a Bushfire Local Economic Recovery funded initiative run by social enterprise corporate2community and in collaboration with the regional business network BusinessBM.