By | May 19, 2015

The Ask Roz Blue Mountains Photographer of the week this week is Warren Hinder.

Photography has been a part of Warren’s life since he left school and became a Lithographic Camera Operator.

He draws great inspiration from his hometown in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales with the ancient landscape offering never ending photographic opportunity.

Warren has many of his photographs published in books and magazines and has a long list of exhibitions to his name.

  • Exhibition Listings
  • Land Out of Time Artist Portraits Penrith Regional Gallery May 2004 Penrith NSW
  • Wilderness Gallery Cradle Mountain Resort, ongoing, Tasmania
  • Break O’ Day Exhibition Cradle Mountain Tasmania 2004 Winner of the Judges Prize
  • The Hatters Landscape Photography Exhibition September 2004 Katoomba NSW
  • John Turner Gallery permanent exhibition 2006 Katoomba NSW
  • 2007 Crockett Group, Group Exhibition, Oct 07, Mountain Heritage Resort, Katoomba, NSW
  • Sublime Elevations, Group Exhibition, Nov-Dec 07, Newington Armoury Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay, NSW
  • From Landscape to Mindscape, Group Exhibition, Jan 08, The Fountain Court, NSW Parliament House, Sydney, NSW
    Momento Blackheath NSW May 2009
  • Nolan on Lovel Katoomba NSW Still Moments August 2009
  • Event Horizon April 2010 Three Aspects Exhibition
  • Title On The Escarpment. A series of images taken over one week in February 2010 of the upper Blue Mountains.
  • Finalist In the NSW Parliamentary Plein Air Photographic Prize and Exhibition NSW Parliament House September 2010
  • Walk Into The Wild Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens NSW October 2011
  • Picturing The Great Divide, Inaugural Opening Blue Mountains Cultural Centre November 2012Publication: Published the book Still Moments The Landscape Photography of Warren Hinder 2009. ISBN 978-0-646-50116-1

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Warren-Hinder-Pool-of-Siloam-falls Warren-Hinder-Bridal-Vail-Falls-Leura Solitary-Storm-Approaching-Sunset-crop EvensCrowneWarrenHinderCopyright2014 Waterfall-Edge-Blue-Glow-Copyright-Warren-Hinder-2015 DarwinWalkWentyFallsWarrenHinderCopyright2014 Leura Cascades King-Tablelands-Road-Copyright-Warren-Hinder-2015

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