Mulga Snake – AKA: King Brown Snake

By | June 20, 2022

Each week, thanks to Troy, The Reptile Bloke, we look at a different reptile that you might encounter on a bushwalk.

(Pseudechis australis)

Most people know this snake by the colloquial name, “King Brown Snake” but this can be confusing to some people because it is actually not a “Brown Snake” at all. The proper name for this species is Mulga Snake and it is a member of the genus Pseudechis which is the same as the Red Bellied Black Snake and other Black snakes. I prefer to use the name Mulga Snake.


The Mulga Snake can be found in most parts of Australia except for the easternmost and southernmost parts of the mainland. They are also absent from Tasmania.

We do not find Mulga Snakes in the Blue Mountains.

Mulga Snakes are a large, heavy bodied snake, usually around two meters in length but can get up to three metres depending on locality.

They can come in many different colours also depending on locality. They are usually uniform and patternless although some have light coloured flecks on the posterior edge of each scale along the upper side of the body. The belly is a lighter uniform colour.

Mulga Snakes will eat a variety of animals but they are well known for being reptile eating specialists and regularly will eat other snakes.


Mulga snakes are highly venomous and have the largest venom yield of any Australian snake.

Like any snake they always prefer to be left alone and will not bite unless provoked. Despite their fearsome reputation in Aussie folklore the Mulga Snake is very shy and definitely not the aggressive monsters that they have been made out to be.

When harassed they may flatten out their neck in a similar fashion to a Cobra and may tilt their head slightly to one side while making defensive strikes in an attempt to make you leave them alone.

If you happen to be out in Mulga Snake territory be sure to keep an eye out for this spectacular species. Like always give it space, observe it safely and appreciate it for the incredible creature that it is.

Stay safe and be nice to snakes.
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