Katoomba Falls Night-Lit Walk

By | May 14, 2021
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Updated: 2nd May 2021

The spectacular and FREE Katoomba Falls Night-lit Walk is open to the public.

The 1.3km walk gives visitors access to a unique, night-time viewing experience of outstanding natural features such as Orphan Rock, Witches Leap, Katoomba Falls and Katoomba Cascades. At certain vantage points, you can also see the Three Sisters lit up.

Katoomba Falls Night-Lit Walk

Katoomba Falls Night-Lit Walk

The experience connects other previously lit areas, and has new lighting from the top of the Katoomba Falls Kiosk car park, around Reid’s Plateau and down to the Duke and Duchess Lookout.


Watch the video for some highlights here: https://youtu.be/xkpSoKRmJ8Y.

BMCC spokesperson Mark Greenhill said: “This project provides a wonderful new experience for locals – and visitors – to experience our World Heritage Area at night. I strongly encourage you to take your family and friends to see it.”

Katoomba Falls Night-Lit Walk

Floodlights were originally installed at the site in 1932.

Thirteen spotlights now highlight the main focal points at the site with another 390 individual lights illuminating the footpaths. All lighting now turns on at dusk and spotlights are turned off at 10.30pm, while path lights turn off at 11pm.

All lights are energy-efficient LEDs. The total connected energy load at the Reserve is also now well below that of the original lighting on the site and this type of lighting also requires substantially less maintenance and repairs which translates to cost savings for BMCC.

Katoomba Falls Night-Lit Walk

A huge amount of planning and development work has also gone into creating sympathetic lighting in the area to highlight spectacular natural features, without causing unnecessary light pollution for wildlife or local residents.

The project began its preliminary phase of development six years ago with subsequent construction phases such as the installation of handrails and lighting cabling taking place over the past 2-3 years.

Workers who were installing lights in December 2019 had to evacuate as the Ruined Castle bushfire threatened Katoomba. The remediation of natural reserves after extensive damage occurred during bushfires, and then flooding in 2020, resulted in the project being completed only recently.

Katoomba Falls Night-Lit Walk


The Katoomba Falls Night-Lit Walk can be enjoyed in most weather, ever on a misty mountains night.


  • Distance: 1.3km
  • Time: Up to 60 mins return
  • Kid-safe: Yes
  • Dogs on-leash: Yes
  • Steps: Lots of them
  • Accessible: No
  • Heights: No issues
  • Times: All lighting now turns on at dusk and spotlights are turned off at 10.30pm, while path lights turn off at 11pm.
  • Best time to arrive: About 15mins after sunset.
  • Must do rating out of 10: 11
  • Bookings required: No
WHEELCHAIR OPTION: While the main lit walk isn’t wheelchair friendly, if you park at the main Katoomba Cascades carpark HERE>> https://w3w.co/stature.loads.boomer the is an option.
The walk around to Cliff View Lookout is paved and wheelchair friendly and looks back over the Orphan Rock and Reids Plateau.
ACCESS: You can start the walk from 2 places.

If you’re travelling there by train, Blue Mountains Maxi Taxis,

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