In an Australian first, you can now create your own "bespoke" digital magazine... Ask Roz eMag.

eMag is available in 3 variations

The Ask Roz eMag allows you to create a beautiful digital magazine that you can SEARCH, CREATE, READ and SHARE. Every eMag has the potential to be unique and you can create and share as many eMags as you like.

eMag is available in 3 variations: Standard, Business, and Pro.

Every eMag is mobile and web optimized, so it will work on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Create your own beautiful magazines, newsletters, catalogswishlists, and holiday planners, to name a few and do all that in a matter of seconds and do it WITHOUT technical skills.  


Create a STANDARD eMag in 1 minute


eMag Features

eMag StandardFREE

  • Visit, no need to register or login.
  • Do a search, as normal, say Katoomba Lookouts and Bushwalks and instead of clicking on search click on "eMag".
  • Create your eMag
  • Download & Share

eMag BusinessCharges apply

This is ideal for businesses to share great things for their clients to see and do.

  • Visit and register or login.
  • Do searches on the things you like.
  • Add individual events/listings to your eMag  
  • Your cover and logo. One cover per year.
  • Page 2 co-branded information about your business or service.
  • Create unlimited eMags, ALL with unique identities.
  • Create unlimited eMags that can be accessed using QR Code 
  • Co-Branding ~ Listings contain Ask Roz branding 
  • Download & share

eMag Pro Charges apply

FREE to Community and Not for Profit groups
Available as a stand alone product OR as part of your Ask Roz digital program.

eMag Pro is ideal for any business who wishes to create and share exclusive branded information with guests, clients and any interested persons. It's an amazing marketing tool.

eMag Pro is a great resource for accommodation houses who what to share local attractions and events with their guests. Now they can do that without exposing them to competitors adverts as you would traditionally get if you shared a normal tourism magazine.

  • All the features of the eMag Business, PLUS 
  • Name your own magazine.
  • No Ask Roz branding.
  • Upload your own covers to your "Cover Library".
  • Create your own exclusive content.
  • Create active weblinks to external websites including maps.
  • Unlimited page layout options.
  • Develop your exclusive library of articles and Ask Roz Listings.
  • Select which articles you want to publish from your library.
  • Choose the order your articles and listings will be published in.
  • Choose what appears first, your exclusive articles or Ask Roz listings 
  • Publish just your exclusive articles.
  • International Visibility - option.
  • No desktop publishing or designer skills are necessary.
  • Create unlimited eMags, ALL with unique web identities.
  • Create unlimited eMags that can be accessed using QR Code 
  • Download & share

    Call Ask Roz for more details: 1800 462 747 

The Ask Roz digital suite

The Ask Roz eMag compliments the suite of information options our users have to find great things to see and do.

Website: By Visiting you can carry out extensive searches to find great things to see and do.

You can also access our extensive information blog, as well as other resources and of course, create your own eMag via the web page.

Mobile apps: Ask Roz have a range of free Apple and Android apps that allow you to find great things to see and do.

Ask Roz Blue Mountains - Apple
Ask Roz Blue Mountains - Android

eMag: In less than 1 minute, you can create your own bespoke Ask Roz digital eMag to READ, DOWNLOAD and SHARE as you wish.

Blue Mountains Visitor: This is the Blue Mountains only "Digital Only" tourist magazine and it offers a guaranteed performance level for all advertisers. 

Promotional Opportunities

Ask Roz has a range of options available to all businesses to promote their business via all our information formats.

  1. Special Offers
  2. eMag promotions
  3. Shop Local
  4. Blue Mountains Visitor magazine

Call 1800 462 747 for more information.

eMag Pro is published under license


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