Eddy Lookout, Mount Victoria

By | September 12, 2022

Eddy Lookout, Mount Victoria was named after Mr E. M. G. Eddy, Chief Commissioner of Railways, in recognition of his management of Mountain railway traffic. Here: https://w3w.co/reacting.tenant.figures

Edward Miller Gard Eddy (1851-1897), railway commissioner, was born on 24 July 1851 in England, son of Edward Miller Eddy, marine engineer.

In November 1895, a ceremony was held at the Mount York Reserve at which an illuminated address and an album of mountain views was presented by the Residents of Mount Victoria to Mr E. M. G. Eddy, Chief Commissioner of Railways.

Eddy Rock Lookout

Eddy Rock 360° Virtual Tour: askroz.news/Eddy-Rock-Mount-York-360

This event was held a few weeks before E. M. G. Eddy left his post as Chief Commissioner of the N.S.W. Government Railways. He was credited for making substantial improvements to the rail system while creating benevolent programs for workers and their dependents during a period of regional depression.

1897 Died after a month of illness. His body was interred to Waverley cemetery, Sydney.

The public funeral of Mr. Eddy at Sydney is reported to have furnished the largest demonstration of a similar character ever seen in that city, and the presence of three thousand railway men following the procession to the cemetery formed a well-deserved tribute to his memory.

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ROYAL COMMISSION: This Royal Commission was established to investigate allegations and charges made in the Legislative Assembly on 9th March 1892 by William Francis Schey, Member for Redfern, about the management and administration of the N.S.W. Government Railways under its Chief Commissioner, Edward Miller Gard Eddy.
The Hon. William Owen, Chief Judge in Equity at the Supreme Court, was appointed as President and Alexander Kethel, J.P. and John Young, J.P. were appointed as Commissioners.
An extension was granted to the Commission on 24 June 1892 and their Report was to be given on 26 August 1892.
The Commission found that there was no evidence of maladministration and “that no shadow of suspicion or doubt rests on the honour or integrity of Mr. Eddy, or on the honesty or purity of his action in the management and administration of the Railways of New South Wales.” https://researchdata.edu.au/royal-commission-inquiry-march-1892/167693

MORE info: https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Edward_Miller_Gard_Eddy
MORE info: https://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/eddy-edward-miller-gard-6084

Source: B&W photo Mount Victoria Museum