Dry River Canyon, Newnes Plateau

By | September 9, 2022

This is a wonderful spot a MUST VISIT. It is not for everyone as the entry to the canyon is not for the faint-hearted. While this is not a difficult walk, we would suggest it is suitable for those who bushwalk regularly.

Dry River Canyon, Newnes Plateau

If you’ve ever wanted to get out into a canyon, but didn’t have the skills, this canyon is for you. It’s a wonderful experience that’s accessible to most people.

This area was hit pretty hard by the fires early this year, but it’s coming back and it looks wonderful.

It has also been known as “Wolgan View Canyon and Nobles Canyon”.


• Distance: 3km return
• Time: Allow 1.5 – 2hours
• Best time: When the late morning, early afternoon
• Suitable for kids: Yes with supervision so long as they are confident walkers.
• Dogs on-leash: No
• Steps: Not many just the climb into the canyon
• Accessible: No
• Heights: just the climb into the canyon
• Must do rating out of 10: 11

DOWNLOAD the eGuide: https://askroz.com.au/upload/ARBM-eGuides/Dry-River-Canyon.pdf

THE CANYON: Once you’re in the canyon just follow it around and you’ll come to the first amazing “slot” which runs for about 75m, that soon opens up into an open ferny amphitheater-like area. Keep walking as the best is yet to come. After about 200m you’ll come to the entry to the best “slot”, this is very high and very dark in patches with beautiful shafts of light coming down and lightening up the sandstone. This is a magnificent slot to walk through so take your time and take lots of photos.

At the end of the canyon, the track continues on to a point that offers views of the Wolgan Valley and Emirates Wolgan Valley One & Only Resort, although today we didn’t go to that point.

Return the same way. The return walk is as exciting as the way in with the light bouncing off the walls in different ways.

ACCESS: As an internet connection out there is almost impossible here is how you find it.

You take the road out as if you’re are going to the Glow Worm Tunnel. Take your time for the first 20km is it has a million potholes and some muddy spots. After heavy or prolonged rain the road may be 4wd only. Once you enter the National Park, the road is fantastic. We saw a Corolla and a Lancer out there is it is OK for cars, just drive to the conditions.

W3W: https://w3w.co/replaying.solar.grassy

Leaving from the old Zig Zag/Clarence Railway Station/Bells Line of Raod you drive 32.4km until you come across a small parking area on your left-hand side. You’ll know you’re getting close because not long before it, you’ll drive through 2 narrow cuttings. There is space there for about 8 cars using both sides of the road.

Park there and follow the track to the left down the hill. The track is poorly marked. Someone has put up some orange ribbons that do help a bit.

Follow that track for about 10-15mins. You’ll go past some amazing pagodas and “hippo rock”.

IMPORTANT: When you get to a large termite mound on your right, take the next track to your left in about 50m. Follow that around and you’ll end up at the entry to the canyon.

Take your time going down the drop into the canyon, it can be quite daunting and certainly not suitable for anyone who has a fear of heights.

NEARBY: One of the tracks will take you into some wonderful canyon-like areas that are incredible photographic, so do some exploring.

DATED visited: 10th December 2020

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