Blue Mountains Mystery Tours

By | March 30, 2022

Pete Clifford AKA Paranormal Pete grew up in 3 haunted houses in the Blue Mountains & was encouraged to talk to the ghosts instead of being afraid of them. Pete came to understand that they were the original residents that lived in the house before him, so ghosts & Spirits were a normal occurrence for him from a young age. 

Blue Mountains Mystery Tours

Pete Clifford, Blue Mountains Mystery Tours

Pete is a storyteller, veteran Ghostbuster, paranormal investigator, Psychic and leader in the dark tourism industry, he is always thinking outside of the box with new content & ideas for his guests. He is passionate and loves educating & entertaining the public on ghosts, hauntings, UFO’s & supernatural subjects Australia wide.

The objective of Pete’s tours is to raise funds to assist historical buildings & venues stay open, make important repairs & preserve the site for future visitors.

Halloween Ghost Tour with Amanda Keller on The Living Room

Halloween Ghost Tour with Amanda Keller on The Living Room

Pete founded Blue Mountains Mystery Tours a dark tourism tour company in 2002 specialising in local myths, legends & ghost stories; he conducts Ghost tours, Yowie hunts, skywatch or UFO’s spotting, mystery tours & events.

Tours are hands-on, fully interactive where guests will use the latest cutting edge Ghost Hunting equipment & experiments like Ovilus ghost boxs, colour night vision cameras, thermal cameras, Emf sensors, telepathic Evp’s, along with using their own intuitive abilities/ESP to sense what life was like for the past residents. 

Pete conducts his tours in a respectful manner when making contact with the resident ghosts & Spirits, he documents his findings of reputed paranormal activity at some of Australia’s & the Blue Mountains’ most haunted locations & historic sites.