Upgrading Govetts Leap Lookout

By | June 9, 2021

NPWS information June 2021

Govetts Leap

In June last year, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) asked the community for feedback on plans to upgrade Govetts Leap. We received lots of submissions and your feedback has been incorporated into a revised plan and lookout design. For more details and to receive further updates please visit the Govetts Leap lookout upgrade web page – https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/topics/parks-reserves-and-protected-areas/park-management/community-engagement/govetts-leap-lookout-upgrade

Govetts Leap Lookout Upgrade

Govetts Leap lookout receives up to 200,000 visitors per year. The lookout infrastructure will be upgraded to bring it to the world class standard this World Heritage site represents.

The upgrade project is part of the NSW Government’s Improving Access to National Parks program and aims to:

  • improve access for everyone to enjoy the view
  • ensure the lookout is safe
  • preserve the site’s character and charm
  • celebrate the natural environment

The important issues

Govetts has a unique look and feel

Most ironstone elements including the monuments and picnic shelters will be retained to ensure that the upgrade is sympathetic to the character of the place.

The archway will be retained and relocated to the start of the Fairfax Track entrance beside the lookout. The lookout and pathways require hardened surfaces for the precinct to be accessible for all. The current design will however result in an overall reduction in the extent of hardened surfaces across the precinct.

Govetts Leap Lookout Upgrade

Will the upgrade improve the view?

While it is probably impossible to improve the view at Govetts Leap, the upgrade will enhance the experience and make the view more accessible for everyone to enjoy.

The natural environment

Before we start the upgrade works NPWS will undertake a formal environmental assessment to determine the potential impact on the
natural and cultural heritage values of the upgrade works. The revised design as minor removal of vegetation, controlled stormwater planning and low impact on the environment (including the vertical hanging swamp and the threatened Isopogon fletcheri). Most existing trees will be retained and new plantings will be endemic to the area.


The revised plan will reuse and set back the existing car park, improve pedestrian safety and provide accessible parking. Coach parking will remain at the Heritage Centre, and parking for mini buses will be provided at the lookout.

Govetts Leap Lookout Upgrade

Govetts Leap Lookout Upgrade

Design details

The revised design includes:

  • replacement of the lookout’s gravel surface with concrete paving for wheelchair access
  • installation of new handrails and safety fencing
  • construction of a new raised grass area for relaxing and enjoyment of the view
  • redesign of the existing car parks including a new mini bus drop off area
  • relocation of the stone arch from the lookout to the adjacent start of the Fairfax Track

Working together

Over the past 10 years visitation to the upper mountains has doubled. NPWS is working with Blue Mountains City Council and Blue Mountains Tourism to find new ways to manage increasing visitation and to ensure continuing economic and social benefit to local communities. Your continued involvement is valuable to develop these plans.

More info

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