Q: How do I enter an event into Ask Roz?
A: You need to complete the Quick Entry form and we'll do the rest.

Q: Can I promote my business on Ask Roz?
A: Yes you can, by either getting a Special Offer or Rewards Card. See video links above.

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Q: Can I advertisie on Ask Roz?
A: No you can't, you can however get a Special Offer or Rewards Card. See video links above.

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Q: How do I correct a listing on Ask Roz?
A: You can click on the "Send Voicemail" button on the right and tell us about it.

OR, send us a message via this link.
OR, give us a call on 1800 462 747.
OR, email askrozevents@gmail.com

Q: How do get my business listed with Google Places so it will appear in the Ask Roz apps?
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Setting up your Rewards Card is easy.  You'll have it live in a matter of minutes.


Ask Roz's website is managed and developed by ARRJ Microsystems Pvt. Ltd

ARRJ is a Web Development company based in Jaipur, India with a strong professional presence in Australia.

ARRJ have been providing web solutions to Australian businesses for many years. When you work with us our Project Manager will work with you exclusively during course of your project because we believe in long term relationships and client satisfaction. 

All work is done in house to give you maximum control of your project.

If you'd like us to look at you web needs, please feel free to email them on: er.akhlaq@gmail.com or ranchhore@gmail.com

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  • Logo: Give your Company/Firm/Business identity with unique logo
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  • Corporate Identity: Give your Company/Firm/Business identity with Business Cards, Letter Head, Invoice, Fax Header, eMail Signature
  • Newsletter Design: Promote your work with eNewsletter for eMail or simply Printed Newsletter
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  • Responsive Sites: Open your website anywhere on any device it looks always perfect
  • Sell Product Online: Make your product available for all world.


  • Support: Forgot stress about Web Services
  • Maintenance: Update will be flexibility


Australian integration: We might be Indian based but our Australian clients know we are there when they need us.

On Call: All Australian Infotech clients have exclusive access to our priority help line. Regardless of when you have an need or experience an issue use our "priority" access to reach us and we will work with you to solve the problem.

In house: We don't contract work out. Your Project Manager will always be there for you.

Price isn't everything, the solution is: Some say look for the lowest price but we say it's more important to look for a company that cares more about the business you'll both be doing together 12 months from now. Just Ask Roz.


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