Kanimbla Wombats and Bare Nosed Wombats

By | July 14, 2022

Kanimbla Wombats is a volunteer organization working with Bare Nosed Wombats, treating wombats suffering from mange. Founded in 2020 by Melinda Kerr, and experienced wombat carer Anna Culliton.

Kanimbla Wombats and Bare Nosed Wombats

Anna is out in the field responding to calls and treating wombats 24/7, sometimes several hours drive away. I work on projects closer to home and focus a lot of my efforts on public education, social media, and the fundraising side of the organization.

Wombat Mange is caused by the Sarcoptes Scabiei Mite, The mite burrows into the skin causing thick crusty skin and hair loss, these crusts often grow over the wombat’s eyes and ears rendering them blind and deaf. It is incredibly itchy, and wombats can injure themselves trying to scratch because of their sharp claws. Mange if left untreated is fatal to a wombat. It takes months to treat a wombat for mange, but it is treatable.

Kanimbla Wombats and Bare Nosed Wombats

Melinda Kerr

Alongside human-related deaths like road accidents and habitat loss, mange is one of the biggest threats to wombats. Mange is highly contagious, so it affects entire populations of wombats. We will get a report of a wombat with mange and then when we go to the property and set up cameras, we end up finding so many more wombats that are also suffering. In the last 2 years since starting mange treatments under the title of Kanimbla Wombats, we have treated over 200 wombats for mange. Anna has been treating it for years though so that number is actually a lot higher.

Kanimbla Wombats and Bare Nosed Wombats Kanimbla Wombats and Bare Nosed Wombats Kanimbla Wombats and Bare Nosed Wombats

The best thing people can do to get involved is have conversations about mange, it’s really important to share images of wombats with mange so that people will know how to identify it if they see a sick wombat.

Currently, NSW wildlife laws require people to hold a license to treat injured or sick wildlife. But there is still lots of ways you can help Kanimbla Wombats without directly working with the wombats. Some volunteer activities include:

  • Making mange flaps
  • Sorting camera trap footage
  • Host a fundraising event

It costs $200 to treat 1 wombat for mange. We have a donation link on our website if people would like to donate.

A great way people can support Kanimbla Wombats is buying Kanimbla Wombats Tshirts through Katoomba tees https://bluemountainstshirts.com.au/products/kanimbla-wombats-t-shirt all profits go to us, 1 T-shirt funds 1 weeks treatment for a wombat 🙂

Donate: https://kanimblawombats.com.au/donate


IG: https://www.instagram.com/kanimblawombats

Web: https://kanimblawombats.com.au


Kanimbla Wombats and Bare Nosed Wombats Kanimbla Wombats and Bare Nosed Wombats