Into the Wild Night: Unveiling Wollemi’s Nocturnal Secrets

By | February 15, 2024

Spotlight on Nocturnal Wonders:

Equipped with specially designed spotlights for native wildlife, our guests are in for a treat. Spot the elusive Red-necked Wallaby and the enchanting Southern Boobook Owl, or participate in citizen science projects surveying Wollemi’s truly unique and diverse wildlife, including the iconic Bare-nosed Wombat.


The Wollemi Twilight Wildlife Walk Experience:

This fully guided 2-hour adventure is tailor-made for families and wildlife enthusiasts. Led by a passionate local guide, the walk unveils the best wildlife watching spots in Wollemi. Encounter the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Wallaroo, Brush-tailed Possum, and if luck is on your side, the threatened Powerful Owl or Greater Glider.

Camp Light Conversations:

Under the starry sky, pause and savor a hot chocolate or non-alcoholic mulled wine by camp light. Learn about the Wollemi Wilderness, Eastern Australia’s largest wilderness area, and discover the collaborative efforts of scientists, government agencies, and the Wolgan Valley community in its preservation.


Exclusive to Wolgan Valley Guests:

This award-winning tour is an exclusive experience for guests staying in Wolgan Valley ONLY. Operating from two locations, including Wollemi National Park at Newnes and on private property within the central region of the valley, this adventure promises an intimate connection with nature.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Wolgan Valley Eco Tours envisions a future where our commitment to low-impact, ecologically sustainable practices, advanced ecotourism standards, and active contributions to conservation and carbon offset initiatives set the standard for responsible and sustainable tourism, ensuring the preservation of the natural and cultural richness of our environment for generations to come.

How to Book:

For more information or to book your Wollemi Twilight Wildlife Walk, visit

Step into the nocturnal magic of Wollemi – nature’s secret after-hours show awaits!

Wolgan Valley Eco Tours

Wolgan Valley Eco Tours