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We want you to have the most amazing eMags out there. To this end, we have partnered with some great companies and found some excellent resources.


eMag ~ Image Sizes 

Use this guide to see the sizes for the images you can add to you eMags. 
Last update 7th November 2019


Cover: 210mm x 310mm
Backpage: 210mm x 310mm

Internal pages
Full page: 210mm x 296mm
Full Column: 60mm x 248.5mm
Full page embed: 119mm x 262mm (Embed width 435)

Key points
  • You can only upload .jpg or .png images into eMag
  • Create the text your articles/news in Pages (Mac) or Word first, then copy and past
  • Keep the word count to below 350 for best results
  • Strictly follow the image sizes.
  • Don't allow any content to go onto the next page
  • Save every few minutes
Video Tutorials

FREE resources

Free hi-res images

If you're looking for images or videos you can use in your eMag here are some sites that offer resources for free.

Mixed images: Pexels ~ Pixabay ~ PxhereUnsplash ~ Wikimedia Commons
Food images:  Foodies Feed ~ Foodie Factor
Images without backgrounds: NobacksKisspng ~ PNG Mart

Working with images

Image converters

Free Music & Video 

Editorial Content 

Create you eMag in another language

Free translation 
Google Translation


Shorten a URL 

URL Shortner, with your name: Bit.do
URL Shortner, with your own URL: Rebrandly

Create a QR Code 

Once your created and shared your eMag with a hosting service, you can share the URL via a customised QR Code. QRCode Monkey allows you to include your logo in the code. QRcode Monkey