eMag Business 

eMag Business is available for all businesses to share things that are of interest to them.

eMag Business is a great resource for accommodation outlets.

Key features include:

  • Your own cover photo, 1 per year
  • Your own logo
  • You choose the content from the Ask Roz Database
  • Share your eMag without exposing readers to competitor's adverts
  • CREATE & SHARE unlimited eMags

NB: eMag title, Ask Roz app image and selected Ask Roz images remain. These are all removed with the eMag PRO upgrade. eMag PRO is 100% your branding.

Getting started

  1. Go to www.askroz.com.au and register.
  2. eMail Ask Roz and tell us you're interested in eMag Business and tell us your Ask Roz Username.
  3. Pay your invoice
  4. Ask Roz will advise you when everything is set up. Usually within 1 business day.
  5. Start ~ SEARCH ~ CREATE ~ SHARE



Publishing your first Business eMag

  1. Go to www.askroz.com.au and login.
  2. Search for Ask Roz Listings that interest you. eg: Katoomba Lookouts. When you find a listing you want to share click on "Add to my eMag". Keep doing that until you have the content you're happy with.
  3. Click on "User Profile" and click on "My eMag"
  4. In "My eMag" you can decide which listings to publish and in what order.
  5. When you're happy with your content, click on "Create eMag".
  6. CREATE and SHARE as many of your Business eMags as you like.

Extra eMag PRO features

Your Business eMag, however, if you upgrade to eMag PRO you get the following extra features:

  1. Upload own covers ~ unlimited
  2. Create unlimited eMags
  3. Your own eMag title
  4. Your full branding
  5. Add up to 4 photos per page you create.
  6. Write your own custom content
  7. Create your own custom content library
  8. Choose what to publish from your library and the order it will appear in your eMag
  9. AUSTRALIA wide and INTERNATIONAL exposure
  10. No Ask Roz branding or banner
  11. No competitor ads in the eMags you share
  12. Listings can have active links so users can be directed to a booking or order page and even maps for turn by turn directions.
  13. Promote your business virally
  14. eMag Pro can be a stand-alone product or as part of your Ask Roz Business Package
  15. FREE to community groups



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