6 secret lookouts in the Blue Mountains that have the WOW factor

When you think of the Blue Mountains, you think of deep valleys, high cliffs and amazing views from fantastic lookouts. Naturally, lookouts like Echo Point, Govetts Leap, Evans Lookout and Sublime Point all come to mind. We’ll, there are some smaller lookouts in the Blue Mountains that rival the popular ones for their beauty and “wow factor”. While I call these “secret lookouts” they aren’t really, but they are less known and tend to be off the main tourist routes.

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In no particular order, there they are:-

Olympian Rock – Leura


This is a small lookout on the Prince Henry Cliff Walk that is also accessible from Olympian Parade via a short walk. The path is not wheelchair friendly.

The lookout faces south, so the view is best at sunrise and sunset. Having said that, the view is outstanding all day.

Olympian Rock Lookout - Leura

Olympian Rock Lookout – Leura


Elysian Rock Lookout – Leura


This lookout is also part of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk and is just a short walk from Olympian Rock. The lookout is actually 2 small lookouts separated by Buttenshaw Bridge.

These two lookouts have a real “wow factor” because of their open elevated position that offer 180 degree views over the Jamison Valley.

The path is not wheelchair friendly and access can also be gained via Olympian Parade.

Elysian Rock Lookout - Leura

Elysian Rock Lookout at sunrise – Leura

Spooners Lookout – Katoomba


Spooners Lookout is a small lookout near Echo Point that offers visitors great views of the Jamison Valley.

While this lookout was neglected for many years, it was upgraded in 2014 and is now world standard. This lookout is wheelchair friendly and is accessible from the main Echo Point tourist area.

Spooners Lookout - Katoomba

Spooners Lookout – Katoomba

Valley View Lookout – Blackheath


Valley View Lookout is a short walk from the Evans Lookout carpark. Most visitors to Evans Lookout don’t notice the track to the lookout so they miss out on a fantastic northern view over the Gross Valley.

Great views all day. The path is not wheelchair friendly.

Valley View Lookout - Blackheath

Valley View Lookout – Blackheath

Golf Links Lookout – Leura


Golf Links Lookout is a small out of the way lookout that looks west over the Jamison Valley. The view is outstanding all day.

The track is not wheelchair friendly.

Golf Links Lookout - Leura

Golf Links Lookout – Leura

Pulpit Rock – Blackheath – CURRENTLY CLOSED


The lookout looks east and offers fantastic views over the Grose Valley. The view from the lookout is unsurpassed and the “visual wow factor” is off the board.

If you’ve got something to shout about, then head for Pulpit Rock. Jutting out on a dramatic blade of rock, you might be lost for words or end up singing the praises of the sweeping views of vast forested gorges and magnificent Grose Valley below.

Pulpit Rock - Blackheath

Pulpit Rock – Blackheath


There are many other amazing lookouts and bushwalks in the Blue Mountains, use your free Ask Roz Blue Mountains app to find other great things to see and do.

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