Katoomba Falls, Mid Level ~ 360° image

By | January 1, 2021

Katoomba Falls, Mid Level (Under Falls)
This is a wonderful short intensive adventure walk. It’s a great chance to get UP CLOSE and PERSONAL with a powerful waterfall, especially after rain.
• Distance: 3.4km return
• Time: 90 mins return
• Best time of the day: Any time
• Kid-safe: Older children only with supervision
• Dogs on-leash: No
• Steps: Too many to count
• Accessible: No
• Heights: Only when you get to the falls. There are safety rails.
• Must do rating out of 10: 11
PROS: Beautiful scenery and an amazing waterfall.
CONS: VERY muddy track and many steps on the way out.
ACCESS: You can park beside the old Katoomba Falls Kiosk https://w3w.co/hearty.flab.wires OR take the 686 Bus OR hop off the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus
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