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Updated 11th May 2021

PAID promotion: If you like to promote your event via a paid promotion, simply complete to form on this link

FREE promotion: Promote your event FREE OF CHARGE through the Ask Roz Blue Mountains Facebook Page which has the highest level of engagement for any Facebook Page in the region. Our weekly engagement has been consistently averaged over 35,000 every week for the past 12 months.

In the 90 days, up to the end of 11th May 2021, Events shared on our Facebook Events page reached over 119,000 people and of those, over 4,600 people responded to those events. See the Facebook image below.


We would like to invite you to add Ask Roz Blue Mountains as a “co-host” when you create your next event in the Blue Mountains region. This way, your event will automatically be seen in our Facebook feed.

Ask Roz Facebook Listings

Alternately, you can message us the link for your new event so we can add it manually.

We think that event promotion should not be a discovery process, it should be by way of shared information 🙂

This is a free service to all promoting events in the region.

Ask Roz Facebook Listings

Ask Roz Blue Mountains