Where is the Hydro Majestic Hotel

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Where is the historic Hydro Majestic Hotel

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The Hydro Majestic Hotel is located in Medlow Bath, New South WalesAustralia. The hotel is located on a clifftop overlooking the Megalong Valley on the western side of the Great Western Highway.

The hotel is heritage listed and is notable for its unusual mix of architectural styles, including Art Deco and Edwardian. One key feature is the Casino dome (pictured). The dome was bought in Chicago and shipped to Australia, before being shipped to the Blue Mountains by bullock train and reassembled at the site.

The Australian retailer Mark Foy began to purchase the site in 1902 for the purposes of a hydropathic sanatorium under the belief that the land contained mineral springs.

The Hydro Majestic site was originally three different land holdings and their buildings. The first was the country retreat of W.H. Hargraves, registrar in Equity and a trustee of the Australian Museum in Sydney, son of the man who claimed credit for the discovery of gold in New South Wales in 1851. The single-storey house, with elaborate tree and shrub plantings, was bought by Mark Foy in 1901 and developed into the Hargravia section of the Hydro.

Hydro Majestic Hotel

Hydro Majestic Hotel

More info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydro_Majestic_Hotel


Ask Roz AU Changed status to publish May 27, 2021
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