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Updated 4th July, 2021

Ask Roz is the most powerful and accurate activity, resources and attractions digital resource available in Australia and is provided as a free service to users. We are Australia’s premier digital Visitor Information Service.

The Ask Roz digital platform leads the way in providing digital tools that allow people to find great things to see and do. Our amazing digital Ask Roz eMag platform where you can create a beautiful magazine in a matter of seconds. 

Our services include:

CONCIERGE: Ask Roz Concierge is an Australian exclusive bespoke tourism resource that allows someone to simply complete a simple form and we’ll use our local knowledge to create a unique experience for them and share it as a beautiful “interactive eMag”, and we do that free of charge.

BID STAYS: If you’re looking for holiday accommodation in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia, then Bid Stays may be able to help. BID STAYS will find you the best value accommodation in the Blue Mountains. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE. https://www.askroz.com.au/blog/bid-stays-for-the-best-value-holiday-accommodation-in-the-blue-mountains

DIGITAL eMAGS: Ask Roz produces a range of digital eMags as well as offering our users the opportunity to create their own. Ask Roz is the largest publisher of digital magazines in Australia and our eMags are the most viewed. https://www.askroz.com.au/blog/ask-roz-emags

Q&A: Ask a question to find great things to see and do in the greater Blue Mountains Region. Ask Roz Q&A is a living resource, it grows every event question that is asked. https://www.askroz.com.au/blog/questions-answers-about-the-blue-mountains 

SOCIAL DISTANCING EXERCISE WALKS: To help us all get through our most recent COVID lockdown we created a special eMag “Social Distancing Walks”. The eMag has over 50 great walks, all within the Blue Mountains LGA. https://www.askroz.com.au/blog/social-distancing-exercise-walks-in-the-blue-mountains

NEWS & INFORMATION: Stay up to date with news and information from here: https://www.askroz.com.au/blog

SUBSCRIBE: Subscribe to one of our Newsletters. https://www.askroz.com.au/blog/subscribe

BLUE MOUNTAINS EVENTS: Click here to find great events in the Blue Mountains. https://www.facebook.com/AskRozBlueMountains/events


Ask Roz have achieved a number of milestones. Our awards have included:

2019 NSW Regional Tourism Award ~ GOLD ~ Specialised Tourism
2019 NSW Tourism Award – Finalist ~ Specialised Tourism

2018 NSW Tourism Award ~ GOLD ~ Specialised Tourism
2018 Australian Tourism Award ~ Finalist ~ Specialised Tourism

2017 Blue Mountains Business Awards ~ Winner ~ Excellence in Innovation
2017 Blue Mountains Business Awards ~ Hall of Fame ~ Excellence in Innovation

2016 Blue Mountains Business Awards ~ Winner ~ Excellence in Innovation
2016 NSW Tourism Award – GOLD ~ Specialised Tourism
2016 Australian Tourism Award – Finalist ~ Specialised Tourism

2015 Blue Mountains Business Awards ~ Winner ~ Excellence in Innovation

2014 BMLOT Tourism Awards ~ GOLD ~ Specialised Tourism
2014 Blue Mountains Business Awards ~ Highly Commended New business

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