Explore the inside of the RIP Cave in Katoomba. It is best viewed on a computer. If viewing on a phone or tablet, watch it landscape.

USE your finger or mouse to explore this amazing cave.

TO VISIT in the real world, park your car in the small clearing just off the and take the track down the hill. After about 200m the track will split.

The right track goes down to a nice lookout offering great views of Narrow Neck and Megalong Valley.

The left track gets a bit steep pretty quickly so take it easy. After a short distance, you can turn right and walk along the rock ledge for a great view OR tack the left track down to a great cave. 

Weblink: https://www.askroz.com.au/event_detail/index/unofficial-lookout-~-rip-cave

VIP Cave. Katoomba VIP Cave. Katoomba VIP Cave. Katoomba

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