Slow down in my street

By | February 20, 2015

Drivers in the Blue Mountains are being asked to, ‘Slow Down in My Street’ to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclist and motorists.

‘Slow Down in My Street’ is a local road safety project jointly funded by Blue Mountains City Council, and the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS), with support from NSW Police.

Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill, said, “The aim of the ‘Slow Down in My Street’ campaign is simple, to make our local streets safer for everyone.slow-down-in-my-street

Speed is the highest identifiable factor in crashes within the Blue Mountains. The project encourages drivers in the Blue Mountains to slow down when driving on local streets.”

Households along the targeted streets in the Blue Mountains will be provided with a ‘Slow Down in My Street’ sticker to place on their wheelie bin. Council is asking residents to apply the sticker to the right side of their rubbish or recycling bin as a visual reminder for motorists to please slowdown in our local streets.

RMS figures report 139 recorded crashes in the Blue Mountains in 2013 that occurred in residential / local areas with a 50km/h or less speed limit.

The likelihood of being in a serious casualty crash rises significantly with even minor changes in travelling speed. Australian research has shown that the risk of a serious casualty crash doubles with just a 5 km/h speed increase on 60 km/h urban roads.

The NSW Police Local Area Command will be targeting local streets during this phase of the campaign. Fines and demerit points will be issued to any motorist caught speeding.

Everyone in our community has the responsibility to help make our streets safe for pedestrians, cyclists, children and other drivers. Drivers are asked to reduce their speed and drive to the conditions.

For further information visit the RMS website at or contact the BMCC Road Safety Coordinator, on 4780 5000