Newcastle Photowalk

By | May 27, 2015
Newcastle Photographers and budding photographers have a new activity that captures both the imagination and some great shots.
Newcastle Photo Walk is the brainchild of Dave Bean (David Bean Photography) and Paul Beatty and it launched at Merewether Baths last Saturday. Dave and a host of photographers have been generous enough to share the experience with us:
Like to join the group for the next walk? :

Dave Rumbler David Bywater 2 David Bywater 1 Wade Clegg 3 David Bywater 3 Just Click Photography 2 Christine Bean 2 Pip Jane Dave Rumbler 2 Dave Rumbler 3 Christine Bean 3 Just Click Photography3 Heaton Sunrise Wade Clegg Kathy Rothwell Kathy Rothwell 3 Lyndel Helm Christine Bean Lyndel Helm 2 Lyndel Helm 3 Wade Clegg 2 Pip Jane 2 Pip Jane 3 Lola Bean 2 Justin Cick Photography Kathy Rothwell 2 Beach foam Lola Bean


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