Now you can really Ask Roz 24/7

By | August 26, 2015

If you’re looking for some personal recommendations for a great place to eat, stay or shop or maybe something special to do this weekend then try our new service Ask Roz Q&A.

Ask Roz Q&A 24/7

Now you can literally “Ask Roz” about events, your plans or maybe you need some help with the website or your Ask Roz Mobile app.

All you do is click on either of the BLUE Message buttons that appear on the right of almost all pages of the Ask Roz website and follow the prompts

Once you’ve submitted your query to Ask Roz Q&A 24/7 will gather the information needed and promptly respond to you.

To try Ask Roz Q&A 24/7 simply click one of the blue buttons to the right.


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