Mystic High Tea at the Hydro Majestic

By | May 17, 2015

Combine a decadent afternoon high tea in the Wintergarden with a 20 minute personal tea leaf reading or tarot card reading in the famous Cat’s Alley overlooking the Megalong Valley within the Hydro Majestic.


Learn the art of swirling your cup and letting the tea leaves settle or have your tarot cards read and discover “what a day may bring forth”. This will create a unique picture of your future, interpreted by our tea leaf experts and international clairvoyant.

Tealeaf reading, or tasseography, is one of the most common divinations or fortune-telling methods. It interprets patterns of tealeaves (or coffee grounds or wine sediments) and will be practiced in the sumptuous Cat’s Alley

Continuing with traditional practice, the Mystic High Tea readings will be conducted only by women, considered to hold the qualities of peace, comfort, and refinement, which will be epitomised in the forms of Juliette Frederick, tea leaf reading expert and Sophia Helene, international clairvoyant.