Iconic Blinky Bill Bus Stop Magic Restored

By | March 25, 2017

Many local residents and their children will remember how “the bush was alive with excitement” in Dorothy Wall’s Adventures of Blinky Bill. Now, the village of Glenbrook is alive with excitement at the completion of the new mural on the iconic bus stop.

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Photo: Artist Jayne Shephard shows Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill the finished product of the new ‘Blinky Bill’ mural on the iconic Glenbrook bus stop.

Local artist Jayne Shephard put the finishing touches on the mural in February which features the much loved Australian children’s stories of Blinky Bill, The Magic Pudding, Wombat Stew and Possum Magic. The mural can be seen outside the Glenbrook Cinema on Ross Street.

Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill said, “I’m delighted to see the new-look mural and thank Jayne for her skill and dedication in bringing the iconic bus stop back to life for Glenbrook residents.”

The original mural was a collaboration between Jayne and children from Glenbrook Infants School in 1992 to celebrate the centenary of the school by way of a tribute to Australian children’s literature.

“I’m very happy with the result,” said Jayne, who painted the original mural which was destroyed by a car colliding into the bus stop in December 2013. “I’ve had a strong emotional connection with the bus stop since 1992, and I am thankful for the chance to restore the mural.”

All of the books represented in the mural remain an important part of Australian literary culture for children. The stories have proven to have a timeless appeal delighting readers and listeners of every age for generations.

“I feel that the new mural is more true to the books than the original mural”, said Jayne who has represented the four different styles of illustrations; from the soft water colours of Possum Magic to the flat, bright colours of The Adventures of Blinky Bill.
“The Blinky Bill bus stop has contributed to a strong sense of place for Glenbrook residents since its creation in 1992”, said the Mayor. “Council went to considerable effort to find a suitable replacement bus stop after the collision. I can’t imagine Glenbrook village without it”.

The shelter is now a tourist attraction and the subject of an untold number of ‘selfies’ by international visitors.

Jayne acknowledged the support of the Glenbrook Historical Society, Glenbrook Cinema and many local residents during the project and recognised the authors and illustrators of the much loved Australian children’s books.


  • Adventures of Blinky Bill: Author & Illustrator Dorothy Wall
  • The Magic Pudding: Author & Illustrator Norman Lindsay
  • Possum Magic: Author mem Fox / Illustrator Julie Vivas
  • Wombat Stew: Author Marcia K. Vaughan / Illustrator: Pamela Lofts

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