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Ask Roz is the most awarded multi-digital platform in Australia. We are a digital information platform that has a website, mobile apps, digital magazines and Social Media pages and we’ve been around for about 4 years.

In that time we have won:

  • GOLD ~ NSW Tourism Award 2016 & 2018
  • Finalist ~ Australian Tourism Award 2016 & 2018
  • WINNER ~ Blue Mountains Business Award for Innovation x 3
  • HALL OF FAME ~ Blue Mountains Business Award for Innovation 
  • Finalist ~ NSW Business Award finalist x 3
  • GOLD ~ BMLOT Tourism Award 2014

Web: www.askroz.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AskRozBlueMountains/
Twitter: twitter.com/askrozevents



Ask Roz Blue Mountains maintain the highest level of engagement for any Facebook page in the Blue Mountains region.  

For example, as at 9am, 9th November 2018, this is how it all looked. This information can be easily verified by yourself via “Insights”, “Pages to watch” on your FB business page. We also have a copy of this information if you'd like to see it.

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Facebook Follows and 7 Day Engagement


Who is engaging with us

66% women
34% men



One of the Blue Mountains’ most successful Social Media trainers had this to say about Ask Roz Blue Mountains and Social Media.

“When it comes to Facebook sites in the Blue Mountains, Ask Roz Blue Mountains leads the way with engagement.

They punch well above their social media weight and according to Facebook they consistently have engagement levels far higher than other sites with 100,000's more followers.

In our Social Media training, we always use Ask Blue Mountains as an example of what a small business can achieve.

Anne-Maree Kerr
AMK Training and Consulting”

On the 13th August 2018 Facebook advised us for the previous week:

“We had reached 258,300 people and we had an engagement rate of 28,800 (Likes, Comments & shares).”

On the 25th November 2018 our stats for the previous week were:

Reach 138,870 people ~ 53,188 engagements (Likes, Comments & shares)”



We add your business ~ service ~ brand as a product within our Facebook Store. We then add you selectively to posts we share.

Every person that post reaches will see your logo/product image, your offer and your business name.

Those who are motivated can click on your image and be taken to your landing page in our Facebook Shop where they can get a lot more information and be encouraged to make contact with you.

This service never stops giving. While the initial response by readers will happen within 48 hours, we find that because of the popularity of many of our posts, they are shared widely and maintain any active life for up to 30-60 days.

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Followers: Facebook followers are the best, they are people who have opted-in to “follow” your page, meaning that they will receive your updates in their timeline. 

Page Likes: These are people who "Like" your page and what you have to offer but won't necessarily see your updates in their timeline.

NB: Ask Roz have more followers than those who like the page.

Engagement: These are the best. These are people who like, share or comment on one of your posts.

Post reach: Post reach describes the number of unique people who saw a certain post from your page. So for every post a page posted, you can see the number of people you reached.


The Ask Roz digital suite


Mobile apps: Ask Roz have a range of free Apple and Android apps that allow you to find great things to see and do.

Ask Roz Blue Mountains - Apple
Ask Roz Blue Mountains - Android

eMag: Create your own bespoke Ask Roz digital eMag to READ, DOWNLOAD and SHARE as you wish. Available in Free, Business and Pro versions.

Facebook: Ask Roz Blue Mountains has the highest level of engagement for any Facebook page in the Blue Mountains region.

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