Ask Roz Blue Mountains
Facebook Shop Terms & Conditions 

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Ask Roz Blue Mountains Shop/Product tagging:-

  • Ask Roz Blue Mountains (ARBM) agrees to add your Business, Service or Product to their Facebook Shop and to keep it there until the agreed Post Reach has been reached.
  • Facebook "Post Reach" is defined as "Post reach describes the number of unique people who saw a certain post on your page."
  • ARBM will give its best endeavours to progressively provide all clients the "Post Reach" they have selected over 12 months from the acceptance of their order by ARBM. ARBM cannot guarantee a delivery timeframe.
  • If at the end of 12 months the traget Post Reach has not been reached ARBM guarantees to continue promoting the client's Business, Product or Service until the selected target has been reached.
  • While every endeavour will be made to ensure that each tagged product is shown as an icon below posts, see image below, Facebook will occassionally show only the names and links of tagged products. 
  • Engagement including post likes, comments and shares are bonus'.
  • Each Business, Product or Service listing in the ARBM Shop will include information provided by the client along with one backlink to the client's preferred webpage.
  • Products listed in the ARBM shop cannot be updated or changed unless there is an error.
  • Aside from a count on the Post Reach, for each client, the only Facebook stats ARBM is able to provide is how many times the client's Business, Product or Service icon has been clicked on (viewed) and (clicks) in a selected time frame. 
  • ARBM Facebook Shop Orders can by placed by clicking here
  • Because there are limited opportunities available, we cannot guarantee that all orders will be accepted.
  • Terms are Payment with order. ie when the Invoice is received by you. 
  • All fees once paid are non refundable.
  • These T&C's may be updated from time to time without notice.

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