Grow your business by rewarding your customers

Ask Roz is giving every business in the greater Blue Mountains region one FREE Digital Rewards Card. 

Grow your business with your own Digital Rewards Card that rewards exisiting customers & attact new ones.

About your Ask Roz Rewards Card:-

  • Your 1st Rewards Card is FREE.
  • 5 minute setup.
  • Customise your Reward Cards.
  • Have multiple Reward Cards.
  • Monitor Special Offer usage so you can test & measure.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Learn who your best customers are.
  • Better reward your best customers.
  • Audio & Video content option.
  • Reach customers nearby, while they're are out & about.

Get your FREE Ask Roz Blue Mountains app.  Apple - Android

Rewards Card Features.

When you create your Rewards Card you have a number of options and benefits.

  • Location based: The Ask Roz app uses Geo-Location, so the app knows where the user is & can show them what Special Offers or Reward Cards are around them. 
  • Secure Claim Code: To validate & track each purchase made using your Rewards Card, your staff need to enter your secure 4 digit code. The Claim Code can be changed as you wish & is valid for all Rewards Card in that campaign. 
  • SMS Ordering: Your Rewards Card give you the option to offer SMS ordering. This is a great feature for a busy cafe.
  • Audio guide: Every business owner has the opportunity to record a personal message for all app users, it's your way to talk to potential clients and to explain to them how amazing your Rewards Card is. 
  • Video: Every business owner has the opportunity to add a YouTube video to their Rewards Card so the user gets the feel of the Reward & business.
  • Tracking: Before a person can use any Rewards Card or Special Offer they need to register to claim it. This is once only & covers all Special Offers & Reward Cards. This will give you the ability to communicate with user in the future, perhaps via a newsletter. Your Rewards Card also records the user's month of birth, giving you further marketing & reward opportunities.
  • Test & Measure: Because you can see when you Rewards Card is being used, you have the ability to make changes to it so you can Test & Measure results ensuring you are offering the very best Reward.
  • Customer Satisfaction Software: All businesses using Ask Roz Special Offers or a paid Rewards Card will be given free access to our proprietry software, that allows clients to anoymously say what they think of their experience in the business. This allows you to fix problems, before they cost you lost repeat business.
  • On going romotion: Ask Roz promotes all Special Offers and paid Rewards Cards on an on-going basis via Social Media, Newsletters and Mobile Application "Push Notifications".
  • Featured listing: Every business with either a Special Offer or a paid Rewards Card is listed as a "Featured" listing. 

* Limited Offer

Get your FREE Ask Roz Blue Mountains app.  Apple - Android

Getting started

Setting up your Rewards Card is easy.  You'll have it live in a matter of minutes.

You must first setup a campaign.  A "Campaign" is effectively a folder and within the folder there can be multiple files (Reward Cards) but only one of those files (Reward Cards) can be active at any time.

You can create multiple "Reward Cards" that you can turn on or off or edit as you wish. 

To have more than one active Rewards Card, you need to create a separate Campaign for each additional active Rewards Card. 

CLAIM CODE: To validate and track each purchase made using your Rewards Card, your staff need to enter your secure 4 digit code. The Claim Code can be changed as you wish and is valid for all Reward Cards in that campaign. 

Follow these simple steps:-

  1. Register or Login to
    Click on "Register/Login" and then "User Profile
  2. Create & Activate a new "Rewards Card Campaign". That campaign remains active for 12 months. The activation code is: 120288.
  3. Create & Activate your first "Rewards Card". Once activated, it will be instantly live in Ask Roz mobile apps.

*Reward Cards are not currently available via the Ask Roz website.

Ask Roz was established in 2013 with the objective of empowering people to find great things to see and do.

In addition to the Ask Roz website, there are also Ask Roz mobile apps in the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle & the Hunter Valley.

Ask Roz have achieved a number milestones.

Our awards have included:

2014 BMLOT Tourism Awards ~ Winner
2014 NSW State Finalist ~ Specalised Tourism
2014 Blue Mountains Business Awards ~ Highly Commended New business

2015 Blue Mountains Business Awards ~ Winner for Innovation
2015 NSW Business Awards ~ Finalist for Innovation

2016 Blue Mountains Business Awards ~Winner for Innovation
2016 NSW Tourism Award ~ Winner ~Specalised Tourism
2016 Australian Tourism Award ~ Finalist Specalised Tourism 


Grow your business by rewarding your clients.