Ask Roz Blue Mountains now available

By | May 9, 2014
Available on App store or Google Play Free of charge

Down load free of charge

The new app looks at what’s happening in the Blue Mountains, Lithgow & Oberon regions and covers everything from events, attractions, activities, places to eat, stay and shop as well as things to do and much more.

All searches produce true natural results and are not driven by advertising.
Using just one hand users on the go can find great spots to take the best photos, find the best walks, great lookouts, places to eat and shop and markets around them or in a preferred location PLUS be able to book a restaurant or a place to stay in seconds.
Users can also rate their experience with events, locations and business’. They can also sort events based on user ratings.
As with all apps on the Ask Roz platform app users can switch back in a second to a full version of Ask Roz that works Australia wide.
Some of the Ask Roz Blue Mountains features include:-
  • Free download of apps for all users
  • Free event promotion for promoter’s and business’
  • True native application for Apple and Android plus interactive website
  • One hand on the go operation
  • Turn by turn voice directions to event events.
  • Results are natural to the needs of the user and not advertising driven.
  • Nothing is out of date. Ask Roz is time sensitive so events are deleted soon after they are over.
  • Smart Itinerary that lets users add events instantly to their Itinerary and then works with them as they enjoy those events.
  • Event rating – Users can now rate their experiences with events and businesses.
  • Discounts Coupons – Business’ or event promotors make special offers for users.
  • Sort results – Ability to sort results according distance, time and rating.
  • Make bookings – Bookings can be made on the go direct from app.
  • Photo Opportunities – Click the “Photo Ops” button lets users find great spots to take amazing photos at the right time and place. Local landscape photographer Gary P Hayes shares his local knowledge via the app.
  • SOS – Full quick touch SOS feature for emergencies
  • Advance search so users can refine their search
  • Free WiFi – Users on the go can find the nearest free WiFi hot spot
  • Picnic – Now users can quickly find amazing spots for that special picnic
  • Set a reminder so you never forget and event.
  • Switch Back –  Unlike other regional apps Ask Roz users can switch to a full Australia wide version of Ask Roz in a split second. This way they never need to stop using their Ask Roz Blue Mountains app.
  • Business & event promotion – Business’ or event promotors are able to inexpensively highlight their business.
  • Branded applications – Business’ or event promotors have the opportunity to have their own affordable branded Ask Roz application.
  • No display advertising
  • Trip Advisor, YouTube and Flickr – Each event can link back to these great app.
Down load from App Store or Google Play

Down load from App Store or Google Play