Monthly Archives: February 2015

Lithgow Small Arms Factory Documentary

Brendan Wacher made this documentary as a short solo project in 2014. Not only is the factory itself an amazing piece of history, but its influence on the town of Lithgow was also very interesting. Multiple streets around the factory were named after weapons, and there had been some quite heavy anti-aircraft guns around Lithgow… Read More »

Photographer of the week – Stephen Carter

Ask Roz Lake Macquarie – PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE WEEK – Stephen Carter. From the age of 9yrs, Steve has been captivated by photography, his early interest getting serious at 17 when he took a senior high school photography course, learning the foundations of his trade such as light, composition, developing and the use of SLR… Read More »

Woy Woy Venice of Australia

Woy Woy: the Venice of Australia: In this 1934 film by Claude Flemming, a couple make a trip to Woy Woy by train and visit the various attractions, such as the Bowling Club, Memorial Park, and Ettalong Beach. The wonderful scenery, beaches, mountains, and fishing are featured. The narrator tells a little of the history… Read More »

1st woman to climb the 1st of the 3 Sisters.

Queensland climber Muriel Patten becomes the first women to climb the First Sister, Katoomba, 1934. Bert Salmon is above her as both solo the climb. With a female climbing culture firmly established in Queensland by the early 1930s, January 1934 saw 16 Queenslanders—including 7 women—travelling to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains on a ‘rock-climbing holiday’.… Read More »

Slow down in my street

Drivers in the Blue Mountains are being asked to, ‘Slow Down in My Street’ to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclist and motorists. ‘Slow Down in My Street’ is a local road safety project jointly funded by Blue Mountains City Council, and the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS), with support from NSW Police. Mayor, Cr Mark… Read More »